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Dog Tag Memorials on wall at American Legion Memorial Building

Dog Tag Memorials hang on the reception area walls at at American Legion Memorial Building

Dog Tag Memorials

Residing in the reception area of the American Legion Memorial Building are the Dog Tag Memorials. Help restore the armory building by donating $50 or more and creating a personalized Dog Tag.

Dog Tags, mounted on wooden plaques, are on permanent display. They are arranged by rank — Private to General. Dogs Tags may display the names of individuals, families, businesses, civic groups, or corporations. The memorials are a unique way to honor a veteran or family member. For more information call Steve at (712) 243-5445.

Contribution Rank

  •  General $5,000
  •  Captain $2,000
  •  Sergeant $500
  •  Private $50

Additional donations allow you to increase in rank – Dog Tag Order Form

Dog Tag Memorial Specifications
  •  2 1/2” X 5” X 3/16” Aluminum
  •  Personalized with up to 4 lines with 17 characters per line
American Legion Memorial Building Dog Tag Memorial

Purchase a personalized Dog Tag Memorial to help restore the American Legion Memorial Building in Atlantic, IA

Give to GoFundMe Campaign

A LIVING MEMORIAL FOR ALL VETERANS. The American Legion Memorial Building needs your help. One floor of the building is a Memorial Hall featuring artifacts, photos, and art to show veterans’ lives during their service. This space is large enough for family reunions, community gatherings and youth activities. It will be a special place for veterans’ meetings and fellowship.

Funds are needed to add a kitchen to offer a welcoming, usable space.

Please show your appreciation to the men and women who have protected our freedoms by supporting this project. Your donation will support this living memorial now and into the future.

Help show your support by downloading and posting this GoFundMe flyer