“Restore the past, Enrich the future.”

Mission Statement

The purpose and objects for which the corporation is organized shall be to combat community deterioration and preserve and develop the beauty of the city of Atlantic, Iowa, and the surrounding area; to promote and encourage historical research; to acquire, by purchase, gift, devise, or otherwise, the title to, of the custody and control of, historic sites and places; to preserve and protect buildings and sites of historical interest; to collect and preserve records, relics and other things of historical interest; to foster and promote public knowledge of an interest in local, state and national history.  Atlantic Rock Island Society Enterprise By-laws,  November 27th, 1992.

Atlantic Rock Island Society Enterprise (ARISE) a501(c)(3) Non-Profit Tax ID #42-1396129 organization, owns the Rock Island Depot and the American Legion Memorial Building in Atlantic, Iowa.  ARISE actively restores old buildings and keeps them in use for the good of the community.

One of ARISE‘s main goals is to provide veterans in the surrounding areas a place to meet and also to be given the opportunity to share some of their history with the community through our library and museum. ARISE also works to preserve artifacts and books given by veterans that have passed away and to educate the community of their legacy.

You can help ARISE with their current endeavors by purchasing a Dog Tag Memorial or donating to ARISE.

2018 Board of Directors
Steve Livengood, President
Bob Boots, Vice President
LaVon Eblen, Secretary
Carolyn Key, Treasurer
Mark Clark
Jerry Grandquist
John Molgaard
Mitch Peerbolte
Ken Moorman

Recruiting: recruit new members; encourage members to join Focus Team
Collections: Inventory, display, preserve historic artifacts & documents
Public Relations: Marketing; Working with community organizations
Fund Raising: Explore fundraising opportunities; Grants; Dog Tags
Buildings: Restoration, maintenance, improvement of Rock Island Depot and American Legion Memorial Building
Programs: Planning presentations; creating community involvement programs