Hats do more than cover heads. They might indicate the outdoor temperature, or identify an organization, an occupation or more about the wearer. In the U. S. Military, hats also indicate time of service, the branch of service, and rank.

There are over 40 hats, helmets, and other historical items in a new display in the Military Museum housed in the American Legion Memorial Building. They are from World War I to modern flight helmets. The headgear protects against insects and desert heat to cold weather with ear and neck flaps.

This is a new display in the Military Museum located in the American Legion Memorial Building (the Armory) at 201 Poplar Street, Atlantic. Schedule a visit to the Museum as well as the Military Library and Atlantic History Center.

Contact 712-243-5445, 712-243-2694 or 712-254-2254 or email arise201poplar@gmail.com to schedule a time to visit.  Find more information on the web at ariseAtlantic.org or Facebook: Atlantic Rock Island Society Enterprise.