Come to meet Abigail on Sunday, October 21, 2 pm at the American Legion Memorial Building. The Building also known as the Armory is located at 201 Poplar Street in Atlantic. The program is one of the monthly presentations sponsored by Atlantic Rock Island Society Enterprise (ARISE).

Steve Livengood will describe how he created Abigail, a one-half scale field artillery piece of the Civil War era. It required 405 individual parts including 86 red oak and cherry wood pieces.

The wheels look like they are not quite right. Learn the reason and learn about a lock chain, chin bolts, rondells and more. This is an accurate copy of the real thing.

Abigail is a muzzle loading weapon. Steve loads it with blanks or golf balls to shoot it whenever the opportunity arises. It weighs 280 pounds so is not easy to move it from place to place.

The Military Museum, Military Library and Atlantic History Center will be open for viewing. Displays honor area veterans and current armed forces personnel and their families. There is no fee but donations are welcome. See for more information.