Pineapples, lemons and potatoes sound like items on your grocery list. In fact they are words used to describe U. S. military weapons and ammunitions. Steve Livengood, retired Army soldier will be showing and explaining ordnance used from World War I to present. Get an introduction to US military high explosives.

Topics will include terminology, identification, and technical aspects of howitzers, hand grenades, bombs, bazookas, mines, mortars, tanks, and “Fa-Farrs”. There will be almost 50 items on display. No items on display will contain explosive material.

Did you ever wonder how aircraft bombs work? How do artillery projectiles explode at just the right time? Why is it called a “bazooka” and what does it do? What exactly is a “Fa-Farr”? What is a “Lazy Dog” bomb and is it really dangerous?

This program presented by Steve Livengood is one of a series of educational events offered by Atlantic Rock Island Society Enterprise (ARISE).Other topics are coming soon on April 15 and May19. The Military Museum (with more than 50 new items on display) and Military Library are also open for viewing.

You are invited to attend this free presentation on Sunday, March 18, 2 pm. at the American Legion Memorial Building (The Armory), 201 Poplar Street, Atlantic. Most likely you will never have to experience this type of material, but wouldn’t it be interesting to know something about it anyway?