The Memorial Hall measures 22 feet by 69 feet for a total of 1,760 square feet (including stair landings and other spaces).  It is on the lower level of the American Legion Memorial Building, which is approximately four feet below exterior grade.  An elevator provides access to the Hall for those needing it.

Initially the entire building was heated with steam heat.  Steam heat must have all of the radiators mounted above the boiler vessel to allow the cooled (condensed) steam to flow back to the boiler.  There were no radiators in the Memorial Hall and adjacent rooms had them hanging from the ceiling.  There was no provision for air conditioning back in 1929.

There was a rifle / handgun target practice range in the Hall.  It was capable of handling .22 caliber rifles as well as handguns in .22 and .45 calibers.  It was removed in 1987 due to environmental concerns.

The National Guard unit occupying the facility prior to World War II was assigned to the 34th Infantry Division (Red Bull).  This unit was mobilized during World War II and fought in North Africa and Italy.

Before photos of the Memorial Hall prior to our start.  You will note the condition of the ceiling and lighting as well as the concrete floor.


The same views after the remodel.  You can see the Red Bull insignia in the floor.  You will also see the rifle range firing line tiled in red on the floor in the photo on the right.  The three targets framed and hanging on the wall at the end of the Hall are 50 feet from the firing line.  The rifle target is in the center and the two targets on either side are handgun – slow fire and rapid fire.

dscn3885 dscn3745

The installation of the duct for the heat pump.  This unit also provides heat and air conditioning to the kitchen (future construction project) and the meeting room occupied by the Civil Air Patrol.  The ceiling tile has been removed and the furring strips for it were left in place.  The original plaster ceiling is above the furring strips.  A portion of that ceiling had been replaced when a steam pipe for the boiler developed a leak.  This leak also required the replacement of a portion of the maple floor on the Drill Floor/Basketball court.


The installation of the custom cut floor tile with the 34th Infantry Division insignia.